5 Types of Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a hall of fame for top performing students, which provides an insight into the various points and ranks of leading students earned through assignments, tests, duels, tournaments or just practice.

If a student has enough points they will appear on the Hall of Fame automatically. Students can check their “daily points” total within their Student Console. The Leaderboards are displayed on the homepage. These are live and updated every few minutes.

There are 5 Types of Leaderboard

1. General Leaderboard

2. Tournament Leaderboard

3. Third-Party Leaderboard

4. School Leaderboard

5. Weekly Contest Leaderboard

1- General Leaderboard

The General Leaderboard is an all-time leaderboard, a Hall of Fame showing the top students from across all Leaderboards, it displays the top students with highest scores that have either practiced, done their school work or participated in one challenge or the other.

2- Tournament Leaderboard

The Tournaments Leaderboard shows the top ranking participants in any tournament hosted on the Schoola Platform. It shows the different tournaments, including students’ scores and ranks.

3- Third-Party Leaderboard

This type of leaderboard is for third-party creators who have their contents on schoola, it shows top performers amongst their participants.

4- School Leaderboard

The School Leaderboard is the type of Leaderboard created for a specific school, specifically for their own students alone.

5- Weekly Contest Leaderboard

This leaderboard that shows weekly performances of students. The Weekly Contest Leaderboard is sponsored by Schoola CEO Nasir Mustapha for active and smart students to win back their Data.

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