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Managing a classroom is a complex affair in this modern time, teachers are faced with many challenges in the course of handling students in classrooms, in recent times, students are more rebellious towards authority either as a result of lifestyle differences, situations that are birth from family, social pressure and peer pressure.

For proper lesson delivery, teachers must be able to maintain the required level of order in the classroom, teachers need to develop their students’ positive esteem as much as possible through every action they carry out in class, each item or action is done by the teacher ought to be meaningful, self-esteem is critical for students being able to behave in a disciplined way.

Teachers can help bolster a students’ self-esteem by using a reinforcement strategy [ a process of encouraging or establishing, a pattern or behaviour ], it helps to be consistent in the application of motivation strategies to get students involved in the class, this way, the students will be able to master the path to the required response.

A teacher who keeps on shifting requirements for correct and standard behaviour makes it hard for the students to attain it, and this will eventually make the students discouraged in pursuing the right path.

Teachers should maintain positive communication between them and the students, avoid criticizing the students whenever they make a mistake, instead, the teacher should explain to the students what they expect them to do and give them some level of autonomy to exercise self-responsibility.

A positive communication link between teachers and students helps create an emotional bond between them.

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Reinforcement Technique

A student who attempts to give a positive response to a question posed by either the teacher or other students should be praised by the teacher, the teacher should creatively recognize the student’s effort; for example asking other students to applaud for the good attempt

GOAL : to enable students to learn from one another, especially in group work, and leverage their different abilities.

Assertive Method

Students should be active during lesson presentations, it’s a teacher’s responsibility to allure a student to stay focused, as well as participate by either answering questions or taking part in class presentations.

GOAL: To achieve full participation of students during lesson presentation.

It is important to note that for a successful and effective classroom premise a bulk of work falls on the shoulder of a teacher, a well-taught student is the pride of a teacher and a school, hence the bond that exists between a teacher and a student is crucial in the management of behavioural problems.



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