The world of computer technology has experienced advanced growth. This has therefore, been applied in each and every aspect of our lives .The internet has improved the communication network and has also led to the invention of other facilities, one of these improvements is in the education sector, learning is being made more reliable and convenient through the various research programs that are being conducted.

E- learning is a technology that is gaining ground, and it is preferred and accepted. This is because of the various advantages it has over the normal physical learning

E –learning is simply referred to as electronic learning it is a means through which students can acquire the knowledge and the skills required through the internet without having to travel further, technology has taken a tremendous growth, which is also being transferred into education sector, it is convenient and reliable. Electronic learning is gaining a lot of popularity in the world of technology.

Among the challenges that schools face, lack of adequate research and learning materials is one of them, as most school libraries are not flexible enough to handle all the study requirements needed in this time and era and technology continues to play an essential role to deliver education to students outside of school. The pandemic has also led to significant loss in learning i.e. school closures and limited access to remote learning.

With this modern education technology, students will enjoy learning, amongst other benefits. Education will be made possible to any student who has the desire to study no matter their location due to its flexibility, online learning makes its possible for the student to study at convenience, online learning has a great relief not to only students but also teachers who don’t have to be confined to a particular routine to offer or receive knowledge.

Learning can also be in a language media that is preferred by the student, this brings interest and excitement to the students who previously were forced to learn a certain way.

It is no doubt that this is the current technological field that needs to be advanced. It is only through knowledge that further developments can be made in the world. How progressive and advanced will the school system be when a path is created for this to be transmitted to be more reliable and accessible?

Illiteracy will be a story of the past, students will be able to travel just being connected to the internet,

For this service to fulfil it is required purpose of giving students quality education, then certain amendments need to be done to that effect, which include properly trained staff who understand the needs of the students. this staff should be well equipped to able to provide the relevant guidelines and materials to bring growth.

A fun learning platform for K12 schools

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