Remote Classroom: E-learning with Schoola

2 min readMar 23, 2023


As more and more schools embrace technology as a tool for education, eLearning has become an increasingly important aspect of modern education. With one thing or the other coming between students and the classroom, it can be a challenge to keep up with the curriculum. Fortunately, with Schoola teachers can keep their students engaged and on track.

Teachers can easily share notes, video lesson and assignments through Schoola, ensuring that learning continues even when they are away from the classroom. Whether your school is on a break or not, Schoola offers a flexible and effective way to keep learning on track.

One of the key benefits of Schoola is its gamification features. By using a reward system, Schoola can make learning more engaging and fun. This can be especially important during remote learning, when students may struggle with staying motivated and on track with their studies.

Finally, students can comment on lessons shared and ask questions where they fail to understand, therefore giving them a sense of connection to their teachers and classmates. This can help make remote learning a more successful experience for both students and teachers alike.

Overall, by providing flexible access to educational content, gamification features to make learning more engaging, and a sense of community even when physically separated, Schoola can help make remote learning a more successful experience for both teachers and students.