2 min readOct 22, 2022

There’s an African myth that loudly says that “a teachers reward is in heaven’’, But why not on earth? Teachers are regarded as the strongest foundation of the society.

They have birth the premise of the most successful people in the society, thus its important to understand that teaching is more than a profession, it is the mother of all occupations in the world, a teacher is like a potter who delicately shapes minds and molds them into great and courageous characters

If teachers reward is in heaven does it mean their daily sacrifice to toil and their hard-work in shaping future leaders cannot be adequately rewarded monetarily except It’s impliedly by God himself? Considering its sheer magnititude,

As corruption affects every facet of the Nigerian society, the educational system is not swept out, the teaching occupation is seen as the next option when looking for a white collar job turns the other cheek, the teaching profession is seen as the next option when there is no job, this is evident in the unwillinglyness to take up education as a course in the university due to the complaints of teachers already in the occupation, the slugglishness we tend to see even when corp members are deployed to schools to teachers, everyone wishes for a better job aside teaching .

Its high time we pay attention to our attention to our schools and teachers, there should be training and retraining, promotions should be done when due. ‘’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’’, if this statement is clearly understood a lot of polls will be raised to ensure that the made perfect.

The welfare of teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions is a concern, the low salary given to teachers has pushed many professional teachers into better paying fields. Poor funding is the dominant problem in the educational sector, it will be an error to mention any other problem that doesn’t have to do with funding in all levels in government, education is not funded adequately ,teachers are not encouraged which makes them seek other means for survival, makes them divert from their main responsibility to other things .

Most, no all teachers would like to be rewarded here on earth as they responsibilities to cater to and materials benefits to enjoy.