2 min readJul 27, 2022



A Hybrid Exam is an inclusive assessment environment whereby the educators create the option for their students to either take their exams on paper or log in to their Schoola (or any other assessment platform) and take them online. Students can choose to take their exams on traditional paper and pen or electronically.

Naturally, students get more excited when using technology than the old fashion way. E-testing is a great way to streamline the process of assessment in your school, it saves time, increases efficiency, and makes the process more fun!

Schoola makes your experience with e-testing worth it, here’s why you should adopt a hybrid exam in your school today.

1. Save money on printing: If you use printed paper for your exams (as most schools do), then you will save money on printing costs.

2. Fun: There’s something about taking tests on a computer device that makes it more enjoyable for students — and it encourages more participation from students as well, who often find it easier than traditional testing formats.

3. Instant/unbiased results: When you’re using an online platform to give your tests, you don’t have to worry about rushing to mark and getting results out. You get your results instantly from an unbiased marker.

4. Schoola comes with an easy admission feature that is determined by cut-off marks as set by the school

Times have changed, and there’s a need for educators to change with it. Introducing a hybrid system ensures that you go at a slow pace while carrying your students along.