Use Active Recall — Share quizzes for each lesson

2 min readMay 4, 2023

Active recall is the process of retrieving information from memory without the aid of external cues. It is an active process because it requires the brain to work to retrieve information rather than simply recognizing it when it is presented. This process strengthens the connections between neurons in the brain, making the information easier to retrieve in the future. It also promotes deeper learning and understanding because it requires students to think critically about the information they have learned.

So, how can teachers use active recall in their classrooms? There are a few different methods. One is to incorporate regular quizzes or tests, Another is to use slides, either physical or digital, to prompt students to recall information on a regular basis. Teachers can also use active recall techniques like summarizing, paraphrasing, and writing to help students remember and process information.

Schoola has incorporated a variety of active recall techniques into its platform such as quizzes and note-taking tools that encourage students to actively engage with the material they are learning. Sharing quizzes after each lesson can help students to test their knowledge and also provides teachers with valuable feedback on the effectiveness of their lessons.

Active recall is a powerful strategy and by incorporating active recall techniques into classrooms, teachers can help students improve their understanding in the classroom.